Monday, January 20, 2020

Ports and Shipping Services

Ports and Shipping Services Regulation


a) Developing rules and standards to regulate Ports and Shipping business.

(b) Promoting port and shipping services.

(c) Promoting Intermodal transport with landlocked countries.

(d) Issuing Shipping Agency Licences to Local Shipping Agents.

(e) Ensuring Service providers file their Tariffs in accordance with established procedures.

(f) Holding consultations with stakeholders in the Industry.

(g) Enforcing compliance of good conduct and practices by Port and Shipping Service providers.

(h) Promoting improved utilization of Inland waterways shipping and intermodal transportation system.

(i) Enhancing the competitive of domestic inland transportation.

(j) Regulating services of Shipping Agents, Shipping lines, Port Operators, Clearing and Forwarding Agents and Cargo Consolidators.


Registration of Clearing & Forwarding Agents
All Clearing and Forwarding Agents are required to register with SUMATRA in accordance with 4(h) of TCFB act 1981 as amended. Forms are filled in duplicate ( Click to download Registration Form )



Requirements/Conditions for Registration

Applicant must have:-

  1. Office premises measuring minimum 18 square meters
  2. Communication facilities in particular fixed line, fax etc.
  3. Consolidation yard/area.
  4. Ability/capability to handle both Exports and Imports
  5. A registered Company with Tanzanian majority shareholding.
  6. Qualified personnel in cargo transport logistics.
  7. Tariff.