Friday, January 24, 2020

Railway Transport Services



(a) Recommending railway rules and Regulations.

(b) Monitoring and preventing abuse of monopoly position in the railway transport sector.

(c) Coordinating issuance of licences to railway operators.

(d) Monitoring rail transport service standards.

(e) Initiating rail transport service standards.

(f) Initiating and conducting investigations in relation to the quality of service provided by rail transport operator.

(g) Laying down standards, and codes of conduct in respect of rail transport operators and customers.

(h) Enforcing railway safety.

(i) Investigating accidents and incidents prejudicial to rail safety.

(j) Approving new rail infrastructure, Safety systems and unusual safety related features of rolling stock.

(k) Ascertaining the safety competence of the holders of railway operator?s licence.

(l) Monitoring the adequacy of investment in railway transport and level of returns on the investment.

(m) Promoting intermodal cooperation in railway transport.