Friday, January 24, 2020

Road Transport Services



The Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA), is tasked, among others, with the functions of issuing, renewing, cancelling and amending Road Service Licences as per the provisions of the Transport Licensing Act, 1973.

Prior to the establishment of SUMATRA, the above function was performed by the Central Transport Licensing Authority and the Regional Transport Licensing Authorities for the pan territorial and regional licences respectively.
The specific functions of SUMATRA in this regard include:

  • Licensing of commercial vehicles.
  • Determining and/or monitoring national and international yardsticks/benchmarks which can be used in determining the reasonableness of charges/rates/tariffs charged by the providers of road transport services.
  • Formulating and reviewing codes of conduct for the providers and users of the road sector services.
  • In collaboration with other stakeholders, overseeing investigation in road transport accidents.
  • Liaising with Police, Ministry of Public Safety and Security and Ministry of Infrastructure Development on issues affecting road transport.
  • Developing rules and regulations in Road Transport.
  • Regulating tariffs and charges.


Road Transport Regulation

Any motor vehicle with carrying capacity of seven persons and above is required to apply for road service licence. The Authority issues short term and long term licences. Short term licences are valid for a period of not exceeding three months and long term licences are valid for a period of one year. The Application forms are filled in duplicates with the following attachments:

  • Vehicle Registration Cards
  • Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Valid Insurance Certificate and
  • Previous Licence (for renewals)

The applicant has to pay application processing fee of Tshs. 2,000/= and the licence fees which vary according to the vehicle capacity and duration of the Licence.

Intra Regions License
For Regions with SUMATRA Zonal Offices or Branches, the licences are issued at Zonal Offices/Branches.
The Regions without SUMATRA Zonal Offices/Branches the licences are issued at SUMATRA Regional Offices under Regional Administrative Secretaries (RAS) guidance.

InterCity/Town and Pan Territorial Licenses
Intercity/town and Pan Territorial Licences are issued at Zonal Offices and Headquarters.

Routes and Timetables
The route, time table and bus fares are subject to SUMATRA’s approval.