Friday, January 24, 2020





Financial qualifications

The financial requirements for the applicant:

a) For companies wholly owned by Tanzanian or an individual Tanzanian has to have a capital not less than US $ 10,000 or equivalent in Tanzanian shillings.
b) For companies jointly owned by Tanzanian and foreigners has to have capital not less than US $ 100,000.
c) The minimum paid up share capital for both cases has to be not less than 60%( attach bank Statement)
d) Solvency ratio of 2:1 has to be maintained by each company.

Information required (attachments)

An applicant for licence to carry on business as shipping Agent is required to furnish the committee the following information:

a) Copy of certificate of Incorporation.
b) Memorandum and Articles of Association
c) Copy of pages 1-5 + DN (Last Page) of his/her passport or affidavits for non passport holders or a copy of birth certificates.
d) Proof of office premises.
e) CV of his/her management staff.


Applicant has to submit to the committee for approval the tariff /charges schedule on services to be rendered to the principal.